Parent Involvement

Teletherapy is conducted from the ease of the patient’s home, or any comfortable location with internet connection. Parents become coaches and their involvement is instrumental for the progress of the child. This partnership of parents/teachers/therapist helps with gaining a great perspective from the family, increase achievement of goals, better cohesiveness and greater potential of progress. This adds a level of involvement in the child’s day to day activities and routines, goals, treatment planning and new possibilities as a team.

Parental Coaching

Ascend offers training for parents on specific strategies to assist in your child’s development. Some of these practices include routine-based intervention, facilitating play skills, and environmental modification. We believe empowering parents to take an active part in the therapy process greatly increases its effectiveness.


Ensuring our patients’ privacy is one of our top priorities. We use a HIPAA certified video conferencing platform that will ensure the utmost security with any information exchanged during live therapy sessions.

Safety and Location

With Teletherapy as a short term or long term viable option, you have a choice to control the options. This can be all virtual or a hybrid program catered to meet the needs of the child and the family with safety and social distancing in mind. Our children and families can access a live interactive therapy session from any location of their choice, allowing for their care to continue without any of the risk of exposure or in-person meetings.

Timing Flexibility

Teletherapy allows for your family to plan therapy sessions around your own schedule. We will work with your family to find the best times to have scheduled sessions. This will also save time on commute, travel, gas and parking with more focus on the child and having him/her achieve their maximum potential of growth and learning with minimal interruptions.

Broader Access to Care

With services offered 100% virtual via video conferencing, we are flexible with days/times zones and can make a broader difference to impact positively the lives of many children and families.

Additional Resources

Each of our therapists has access to our large online database of teletherapy resources(ex. games, interactives, worksheets) to use as they see fit during therapy sessions. For more information about teletherapy and additional online resources for your child please click here.