My son has had feeding/sensory issues ever since he we started solids at around 6 months. He was almost 2 1/2 years old and couldn’t chew or swallow properly so it was very frustrating during every mealtime. He would literally pocket anything we give him unless it was some sort of puree or yogurt, and even then he would gag and sometimes throw up. This limited the variety of foods that we could offer him. Needless to say, his food intake was not ideal since we would probably only be able to have him finish 1 chicken nugget in an hour feeding session. We were at our wits end and the morale in our household was at an all time low.

I found Ascend Rehab through yelp and took a chance on feeding therapy because we were at our wits end. Everyone on site was very nice and courteous and we felt at home every time we were there.

My review is specifically for Ileanexcis whom we were truly blessed to have her as my son’s feeding therapist. I cannot express the gratitude I have for Miss Ilea and the dedication she put into the feeding therapy sessions for my son. She is very passionate about helping the kiddos and you can see it. You are lucky if you’re able to work with Ilea, because she cares so much!

In the short time that my son was going to therapy (3 months), he has improved dramatically. He has made great strides with eating and now he actually can finish a full meal within an appropriate amount of time and enjoy all sorts of foods with different textures!
We are eternally grateful for Ilea! Thank you so much!

Tri P.San Jose, CA

This review is LONG overdue. My daughter attended their Little Miracles program and also received speech(Ilea & Sophia) and occupational therapy(Robin) through Ascend. Each and every single one of the staff members we came across were amazing. The staff is passionate about what they do and treat the kids so well. They all nurtured and taught my daughter so much, even through virtual learning during the early stages of COVID! She was always happy to go to school and therapy to play/learn. It’s been almost a year now since she stopped going to Ascend; she still talks about Ms Ilea and Julienne randomly when we talk about teachers. She is all caught up and thriving now. We wouldn’t be here without Ascends help. Thanks so much everyone!

Thanh N.沖縄県, Japan

My son Justin has been going to Little Miracles program beginning of the year. Even though his only going for two days a week and very soon he will be starting to go four days…we have seen so much changes and progress with him. He Will be starting speech services through ascend and I am so excited about that. The staff at little miracles and the director for little miracles are fantastic. I cannot express how much gratitude, appreciated and blessed that I hv found ascend and the staff truly make miracles in the kids life.

Kitti K.Sacramento, CA

My daughter has been receiving services from Ascend for over a year now, her teacher is Ms.Marylou C, she is the BEST! My daughter looks forward to seeing her teacher each week. She is very patient with my daughter and I love how she sings to her when she is about to have a melt down to calm her down. She is very interactive with her, she plays lots of games with her, she dances and sings songs with her. She gives me such great ideas to incorporate into daily things to teach my daughter new things. If you happen to need services from Ascend, I would highly recommend asking for Marylou C to be your child’s teacher. I love how she is very flexible with switching from in person teaching to zoom if anything were to arise at the moment. Very fortunate to have such an amazing teacher assisting with my daughter.

Melissa O.Oakley, CA

Ascend Rehab services is well recommended they are truly professional my nephew has been receiving services from one of their best therapist “Tristika” she’s amazing!!! very cautious about covid she makes sure to have everything clean after each kiddo, she has a lot of patience easy to work with always has a positive attitude and is very passionate about her job we are very grateful that she’s working with my nephew he’s happy to have her and so are we.

Lala Ledesma

Ascend its a wonderful place where you can find great people that helps you a lot.. everyone is so friendly and kind

Yasmin Jasmine

My son has been receiving OT services with Ms. T for about 6 month! she is absolutely amazing! she not only works with Michael but she keeps me updated makes sure i understand what and why they are doing certain activities. Michael looks foward to going on Mondays!

Irene Oberg

We have received amazing care and services from Ascend in particular from our amazing

Speech-Language Pathologist Jerry. She has gone above and beyond to create goals that are helping our son develop his speech and appropriate sounds and vocabulary. Jerry has really jumped in and helped our son feel comfortable to use his voice and to have confidence. I highly recommend The team at Ascend for going above and beyond and being ready and available to accommodate even in the middle of a pandemic!

Nicole A Morgan

An amazing service, not only for our kids but for the parents! We love our Therapist MaryLou. Our baby has improved so much with her.

Jenniffer SozaSan Francisco

I have been working at ASCEND REHAB SERVICES part-time (More than 5 years)

The director, admin and clinical staff are all very friendly and professional. If you need support, mentorship, equipment, change in setting, time off, flexible scheduling, etc. the director is always open to helping. Besides offering very competitive pay rates, Ascend offers lots of extras like study groups, mentors, and special pamper days.

Great place to show your passion for pedatrics therapy!- Current Employee - Occupational Therapist

I worked at ASCEND REHAB SERVICES full-time

Honestly, I absolutely enjoyed working at Ascend. I started as a brand new Occupational Therapist and loved all of the support I received during my time here. I had a lot of questions and they were always answered on time and with a lot of advice. I truly appreciate Ascend.

Amazing Workplace- Former Employee - Anonymous Employee

My son has been receiving speech services for over a year now here at Ascend and it has been great! My son started off with another therapist but we switched to Ms. Sheryl-Rose (my son just calls her Ms. Sheryl) 6 months into his sessions. She has been fantastic with my son and let’s me know how well he’s doing and little things where he needs a little help and improvement. She also helps my son focus on social skills as well. My son loves coming to sessions because of her and he’s been talking a lot more from when he first started.

Also, the whole staff is super friendly and accommodating as far as scheduling. They keep you in mind when there is a time that you prefer to have your sessions when it becomes available. Overall, Ascend is a great clinic and I highly recommend them. You will not be disappointed!

Stephanie R.- Union City, CA