Teletherapy - Virtual Autism Therapry for Children COVID-19 UPDATE Ascend Rehab Services is fully committed to supporting our employees, families, and the communities we serve during these times. For more information on our services that include teletherapy, organizational updates, and resources, please click below. CLICK HERE Teletherapy - Virtual Autism Therapry for Children ADVANCED TELETHERAPY PROGRAM Ascend is excited to become leaders in TeleTherapy to ensure continuity of care for the kids and families we serve through these unique times. We have created, and formulated a well rounded program though are trained clinicians that has proven effective and a great alternative to in-person sessions. This can be provided to children of all ages in schools, clinics and at home via video conferencing and using technology by our therapist. The COVID 19 update can stay as is. Thank You. CLICK HERE LEARN MORE
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