Why Ascend Rehab Services Tops the List for Best Travel Therapy Companies to Work For

There are so many locations throughout the Bay Area where you can find what are called "travel therapy companies". Most people have heard of those that go to physical therapy, or that will visit a speech therapist for speech therapy, but a travel therapist is a little bit different. These are individuals that are part of the healthcare industry that often travel to different locations. They are literally paid to travel, providing their services for those that will require their services at remote locations.

Below are a few tips on how to go about finding the best "travel therapy" companies in the healthcare industry for positions like: occupational therapy, speech therapy, language pathology, and more.

How to Find and Evaluate Out Patient / Travel Therapy Companies in the Bay Area

The first thing you will want to do is find all of the companies that offer out patient work. In many cases, these are occupational therapists that are dispatched to certain locations, depending on if they're working with pediatrics, early intervention or otherwise. Although many companies will dispatch other types of medical professionals as well including some of the ones mentioned above (and more). These professionals prefer traveling to staying in one location.

You may have several different offices or medical centers where they will be needed. You may even have clients that need to be visited at home which is where they are getting their therapy treatments. Having the ability to work outside of the main business location is a plus for anyone that enjoys traveling to different locations and having flexibility in their work schedule.

Ascend Rehab Services Offers a Flexible Working Environment
for all their  out patient Employees (and otherwise).

Of course you're welcome to choose to work elsewhere, but at Ascend we do our best to provide not just a 'work place' but a family-oriented environment that staff and team members alike can feel fully supported whether they're on location the majority of the time, or out visiting patients.

Out patient occupational and speech therapy positions in the bay area are in demand, and finding a good company that fits your needs should not be too difficult. One thing to also ask your potential employers is what they offer in terms of: sign-on bonuses, relocation assistance, and more.  We hope that the above information has been helpful in giving you an idea of how to go about vetting out patient therapy companies in the bay area to find the right fit for you. Instead of us telling you how great our company is - you can watch the video below to see what our staff has to say.