Speech Therapist Positions in the Bay Area

Whether you live in the bay area, or are moving here - Ascend Rehab has some great openings for occupational therapy positions and speech therapy positions as well. We're looking for individuals who love working with children, ideally have experience in pediatrics but most importantly are looking for a place they can feel supported and know their is opportunity for career growth.

Naturally, the occupational therapist's job duties involve helping people of all ages who may have limited ability or maneuverability and work to improve the quality of their lives and perform day to day tasks with ease. Although OT's typically work with patients on a 1-to-1 basis, at Ascend Rehab we also offer the opportunities for our OT's and Speech Therapists to do out patient care, work from home, full-time or part-time we're rather flexible in our working environment to try and accommodate our team.

Occupational therapist jobs in the bay area are commonly based in hospitals, nursing care facilities, and private occupational therapy practices. The job positions require good health and fitness on the part of the applicant since the positions are physically-demanding at times. These positions are available at all experience levels and in a broad spectrum of settings. The applicant should have at least a bachelor's degree in occupational therapy - most of the time, a master's degree may be required for the position. The eligible applicants should also pass the national certification exam. On the other hand, additional educational certifications may help the applicant gain access to more specialized positions in places like: Union city, Hayward, Castro Valley,  Newark, and San Leandro as well.

How much do Occupational Therapists Make?
(What is an OT's Salary)

The average salary of a full-time OT in the bay area is approximately $75,000 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics). But the exact rate may depend on the level of specialization and training of the particular applicant. The location of employment will also have an effect on the salary of the OT. With advanced training and more experience, the average salary can rise well above that figure. Some prestigious private healthcare institutions in the bay area (like Ascend Rehab Services) offer travel opportunities, relocation assistance, and bonus opportunities for the right candidates. Assistance with licensing, comprehensive health insurance, free liability insurance, and many other opportunities are given to the right professionals as well. 

Why Occupational and Speech Therapists Should Work with Ascend.

In conclusion, occupational therapist positions are plentiful, but finding the right place may not be. Many of the top government and private healthcare institutions in the bay area are searching for highly qualified and experienced occupational and speech therapists on the market. If you're a speech therapist or occupational therapist, we want to hear from you!

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