Top Signs for Early Autism Detection

Autism is not an easy diagnosis for any parent to receive and neither is it a simple diagnosis to make. It presents on a spectrum meaning that Autism signs and symptoms may differ greatly from one individual to another. There is no specific test or evaluation that can accurately diagnose the condition.

Parents that do have concerns can however look for the following early signs of autism that are more or less common across the spectrum:

1. Regression

The earliest Autism signs normally appear in babies between the ages of 12 and 18 months. Development up until the age of 2 years may appear normal and then begins to taper off or even regress. A toddler may seem to lose some developmental milestones especially related to their ability to track movement visually and respond to stimulation with a smile or a laugh. Regression is the most common early sign of autism however it is important to note that this could point to a range of other conditions or developmental problems.

2. Physical Signs

Babies normally begin to walk around 1 year of age. A toddler that walks on their toes or fails to walk by the age of two years old may be showing signs of autism. A toddler who walked and then regressed to crawling or stopped walking altogether may also be showing signs. 

A toddler that does not point or gesture at objects or show an interest in objects or the world around them by the age of two years may also be experiencing developmental problems. A child may also lose some of their early speech development and begin to babble rather than form proper words.

3. Social And Emotional Development

These parameters may be a little more difficult to define but in general,early emotional and social signs of autism may include:

- A baby or toddler that does not smile.
- Does not make an attempt to give or receive affection like hugs and kisses. At a later developmental stage, a child may even withdraw from or reject any physical affection.
- Will not make eye contact.
- Does not attempt to imitate or copy facial expressions.
- Does not express empathy when others are hurt.

Although these are only some of the most basic and early signs of autism and it is essential to receive a professional medical diagnosis. Early detection is preferable so that alternative learning and other therapies can be recommended.

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