Have you noticed your child isn’t meeting certain communication and language milestones? If you suspect your child has communication delays,  being concerned is completely natural. Some children are late bloomers and may start speaking a bit later in life. However, others may need a bit of assistance in the form of language and communication delay services ( one of the many services provided at Ascend Rehab).

What to Do If Your Child Isn’t Reaching Language Milestones

Start by scheduling an appointment to see the pediatrician and discuss the concerns you have. The pediatrician would be able to tell you if your little one is on track, slightly behind, or even significantly behind. If it turns out that your child is definitely a bit behind, the pediatrician would likely recommend different services that are offered to help children with speech delays and other issues.

It’s important to rule out possible conditions. If there’s a chance your child has autism or apraxia of speech, you may be advised to meet with a neurologist who can evaluate your child and perform certain tests if necessary. Even if your child has one of these conditions, the language and communication delay services could help out a lot.

What are Pediatric Communication Delay Services?

The types of services available to children will vary based on your location and the availability of different programs. However, one of the most common services offered is speech therapy. A trained speech pathologist would be able to work with your child and encourage him or her to try using the mouth to create sounds. Once certain sounds are practiced, the speech pathologist may start working on letters, numbers, and various words with your child.

A speech pathologist does a great job of teaching children how to communicate in other ways. If your little one cannot speak, he or she could learn how to sign certain things to you so that you would understand when he or she is hungry, thirsty, or wants more of something. The speech pathologist may offer therapy sessions at home or in a school environment. At Ascend Rehab, we provide both options for parents.

Early intervention pre-school may be available to help your child as well. It’s important to look into the options, find out more about the services, and then consider which ones would benefit your child the most. Our "Little Miracles" preschool program is a a form of this here at Ascend.

If you’re concerned because your child isn’t reaching communication and language milestones, help may be available. There are different services designed specifically for children who may be a bit behind. These services could benefit your child now and in the future.

To learn more about your options, as well as what communication delay services Ascend Rehab offers, take a look at our Individual Services page. You can also see why others chose Ascend in the video below.