Ascend Rehab is the Preferred Choice for Autism Services in the San Francisco Bay Area

Education of children with autism needs your undivided attention. This is where Ascend Rehab, Autism Services comes in (not far from  San Francisco). The purpose of a reputable autism center in San Francisco, or elsewhere is to improve the quality of life of kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder. To accomplish this goal, Ascend rehab provides evidence-based assessments and treatment programs for these kids. Even though clinical care is very important under such circumstances,  our center also engages in innovative research endeavors to promote the understanding of this condition and its impact on the family of the child. Here are some tips to consider when choosing the best Autism Services throughout the San Francisco bay area.

Children suffering from autism spectrum disorder (ASD) grow differently from other kids their age. They will usually have more challenges in communicating and interacting with others than normal kids. These challenges can affect their learning and development over time. A kid who has ASD may start to use a few single words at around 12 months of age. You may not witness the explosion of language from such a kid similar to other kids of his/her age. In fact, the child may learn only a couple of new words per month. It may even take the child up to three years to start combining these words into sentences. On the other hand, a child with ASD may be able to name their own body parts but not the body parts in a picture. 

Children with ASD won't tune into other people and the environment similar to other kids of their age. They may not respond when called their name - they may not respond to eye contacts of other people - or smile at caregivers. These are but just a few reasons why it's critical to make sure you find the right autism center or special needs services provider in the bay area. Fortunately, Ascend Rehab Services will be able to provide you everything you're looking for and more. Of course, if you decide to go elsewhere - you may want to consider the following items below, on what to look for with other special needs services providers throughout the bay area:

A reputable autism center will provide a comprehensive child-centered approach to treat your child - which includes:

. Diagnosis and assessment
. Medical consultations
. Occupational, physical, and speech therapy
. Social communication groups
. Intensive early intervention programs

As always, make sure to do your research properly when evaluating a good autism center in your area. You may find a host of these centers from a simple Google search - but not all of them are not created the same. When everything looks about "the same" and it's hard to choose "which one is better", we try to make it easy for families and therapists who are interested in Ascend Rehab Services by giving them the answers to these questions they're looking for. 

See our video below to see what makes Ascend Rehab Services, stand out above the rest.