If someone you love is has autism, you may be interested in finding out more about the autism services offered by Ascend Rehab, here in the Bay Area. There are a number of different services available for those with autism as well as their families. If you’d like to seek help for a loved one, it’s best to find out about these services and the positive impact they can make on the individual’s life. Here at Ascend Rehab, we make it easy to do that by providing you an in-depth look at both our Individual Services as well as our Group Services which can help those with autism.

Ascend Rehab's Behavioral Therapy Services

Many children with autism benefit from attending behavioral therapy sessions. Autistic children often have a difficult time dealing with the different emotions they experience. They may not be able to express themselves as clearly when they’re feeling sad, excited, or even angry about something. The purpose of this form of therapy is to teach these children different ways to cope with their feelings and express themselves.

If children with autism are learning how to cope with all of those different emotions, they may experience fewer meltdowns throughout the day. They may not get upset if they’re taught coping mechanisms that are effective and truly work for them. It’s one of several autism services offered at Ascend Rehab, nestled in the heart of Union City but also whose staff works throughout the Bay Area.

What is Sensory Therapy?

Sensory therapy tends to work wonders for children with autism. The therapist may provide different sensory activities where children would need to rely on their senses to do different things. For example, putting sand inside of a container and putting different objects into the container with the sand while encouraging the child to dig for different items is one of many simple yet effective sensory activities. These sessions could help autistic children with their behavior as well as with their ability to express their thoughts and feelings.

How Speech Therapy Can Benefit Children with Autism

There are some children with autism who are non-vocal. Those who aren’t able to speak can benefit from speech therapy. During these lessons, children are encouraged to make different sounds while participating in different forms of play. The speech therapist may bring coloring books with crayons, storybooks, and clay for children to play with while working on sounds, colors, and words with them.

At Ascend Rehab we offer a variety of autism services throughout the Bay Area. Mainly in: Union city, Hayward, San Leandro, Newark, and Castro Valley. If someone you know and love is autistic, such as your child, you may want to look into our different services. Behavioral therapy, sensory therapy, and speech therapy are just three of the different therapies that are known to help those who have been diagnosed with autism. We're here to help.