Ascend Rehab Autism Services throughout the Bay Area


Ascend Rehab Autism Services throughout the Bay Area

If someone you love is has autism, you may be interested in finding out more about the autism services offered by Ascend Rehab, here in the Bay Area. There are a number of different services available for those with autism as well as their families. If you’d like to seek help for a loved one, it’s best to find out about these services and the positive impact they can make on the individual’s life. Here at Ascend Rehab, we make it easy to do that by providing you an in-depth look at both our Individual Services as well as our Group Services which can help those with autism.

Ascend Rehab's Behavioral Therapy Services

Many children with autism benefit from attending behavioral therapy sessions. Autistic children often have a difficult time dealing with the different emotions they experience. They may not be able to express themselves as clearly when they’re feeling sad, excited, or even angry about something. The purpose of this form of therapy is to teach these children different ways to cope with their feelings and express themselves.

If children with autism are learning how to cope with all of those different emotions, they may experience fewer meltdowns throughout the day. They may not get upset if they’re taught coping mechanisms that are effective and truly work for them. It’s one of several autism services offered at Ascend Rehab, nestled in the heart of Union City but also whose staff works throughout the Bay Area.

What is Sensory Therapy?

Sensory therapy tends to work wonders for children with autism. The therapist may provide different sensory activities where children would need to rely on their senses to do different things. For example, putting sand inside of a container and putting different objects into the container with the sand while encouraging the child to dig for different items is one of many simple yet effective sensory activities. These sessions could help autistic children with their behavior as well as with their ability to express their thoughts and feelings.

How Speech Therapy Can Benefit Children with Autism

There are some children with autism who are non-vocal. Those who aren’t able to speak can benefit from speech therapy. During these lessons, children are encouraged to make different sounds while participating in different forms of play. The speech therapist may bring coloring books with crayons, storybooks, and clay for children to play with while working on sounds, colors, and words with them.

At Ascend Rehab we offer a variety of autism services throughout the Bay Area. Mainly in: Union city, Hayward, San Leandro, Newark, and Castro Valley. If someone you know and love is autistic, such as your child, you may want to look into our different services. Behavioral therapy, sensory therapy, and speech therapy are just three of the different therapies that are known to help those who have been diagnosed with autism. We're here to help.


The Benefits of Language and Communication Delay Services For Your Child


The Benefits of Language and Communication Delay Services For Your Child

Have you noticed your child isn’t meeting certain communication and language milestones? If you suspect your child has communication delays,  being concerned is completely natural. Some children are late bloomers and may start speaking a bit later in life. However, others may need a bit of assistance in the form of language and communication delay services ( one of the many services provided at Ascend Rehab).

What to Do If Your Child Isn’t Reaching Language Milestones

Start by scheduling an appointment to see the pediatrician and discuss the concerns you have. The pediatrician would be able to tell you if your little one is on track, slightly behind, or even significantly behind. If it turns out that your child is definitely a bit behind, the pediatrician would likely recommend different services that are offered to help children with speech delays and other issues.

It’s important to rule out possible conditions. If there’s a chance your child has autism or apraxia of speech, you may be advised to meet with a neurologist who can evaluate your child and perform certain tests if necessary. Even if your child has one of these conditions, the language and communication delay services could help out a lot.

What are Pediatric Communication Delay Services?

The types of services available to children will vary based on your location and the availability of different programs. However, one of the most common services offered is speech therapy. A trained speech pathologist would be able to work with your child and encourage him or her to try using the mouth to create sounds. Once certain sounds are practiced, the speech pathologist may start working on letters, numbers, and various words with your child.

A speech pathologist does a great job of teaching children how to communicate in other ways. If your little one cannot speak, he or she could learn how to sign certain things to you so that you would understand when he or she is hungry, thirsty, or wants more of something. The speech pathologist may offer therapy sessions at home or in a school environment. At Ascend Rehab, we provide both options for parents.

Early intervention pre-school may be available to help your child as well. It’s important to look into the options, find out more about the services, and then consider which ones would benefit your child the most. Our "Little Miracles" preschool program is a a form of this here at Ascend.

If you’re concerned because your child isn’t reaching communication and language milestones, help may be available. There are different services designed specifically for children who may be a bit behind. These services could benefit your child now and in the future.

To learn more about your options, as well as what communication delay services Ascend Rehab offers, take a look at our Individual Services page. You can also see why others chose Ascend in the video below.


Occupational Therapist Positions Bay Area


Occupational Therapist Positions Bay Area

Speech Therapist Positions in the Bay Area

Whether you live in the bay area, or are moving here - Ascend Rehab has some great openings for occupational therapy positions and speech therapy positions as well. We're looking for individuals who love working with children, ideally have experience in pediatrics but most importantly are looking for a place they can feel supported and know their is opportunity for career growth.

Naturally, the occupational therapist's job duties involve helping people of all ages who may have limited ability or maneuverability and work to improve the quality of their lives and perform day to day tasks with ease. Although OT's typically work with patients on a 1-to-1 basis, at Ascend Rehab we also offer the opportunities for our OT's and Speech Therapists to do out patient care, work from home, full-time or part-time we're rather flexible in our working environment to try and accommodate our team.

Occupational therapist jobs in the bay area are commonly based in hospitals, nursing care facilities, and private occupational therapy practices. The job positions require good health and fitness on the part of the applicant since the positions are physically-demanding at times. These positions are available at all experience levels and in a broad spectrum of settings. The applicant should have at least a bachelor's degree in occupational therapy - most of the time, a master's degree may be required for the position. The eligible applicants should also pass the national certification exam. On the other hand, additional educational certifications may help the applicant gain access to more specialized positions in places like: Union city, Hayward, Castro Valley,  Newark, and San Leandro as well.

How much do Occupational Therapists Make?
(What is an OT's Salary)

The average salary of a full-time OT in the bay area is approximately $75,000 per year (Bureau of Labor Statistics). But the exact rate may depend on the level of specialization and training of the particular applicant. The location of employment will also have an effect on the salary of the OT. With advanced training and more experience, the average salary can rise well above that figure. Some prestigious private healthcare institutions in the bay area (like Ascend Rehab Services) offer travel opportunities, relocation assistance, and bonus opportunities for the right candidates. Assistance with licensing, comprehensive health insurance, free liability insurance, and many other opportunities are given to the right professionals as well. 

Why Occupational and Speech Therapists Should Work with Ascend.

In conclusion, occupational therapist positions are plentiful, but finding the right place may not be. Many of the top government and private healthcare institutions in the bay area are searching for highly qualified and experienced occupational and speech therapists on the market. If you're a speech therapist or occupational therapist, we want to hear from you!

Call Us: (510) 441-8240

In the meantime, you can watch the video below to see what others have said about working as part of our team.


How to Find the Best Speech Pathologists Positions throughout Union City and the Greater Bay Area


How to Find the Best Speech Pathologists Positions throughout Union City and the Greater Bay Area

Why People Opt for Ascend Rehabs Speech Pathologists in Union City Above All

If your child has language delays, a speech pathologist may be able to help get them back on schedule. However, you should make sure that the professional you hire is a good fit for your child. Here's what you should consider when choosing speech language pathologist.

Make Sure They're Comfortable Around Children

The pathologist you hire is going to be working one on one with your child. You'll want to make sure that they are comfortable with your child and that your child is comfortable with them. 

Although speech language pathologists primarily work with children, some pathologists aren't entirely at ease around young kids. You may want to meet with a pathologist before agreeing to work with them. That way, you can make sure they get along with your child.

Of course here at Ascend Rehab we always welcome visits from interested parents to help determine if Ascend Rehab Services are something that would be beneficial to their child. Especially if they live in the neighboring cities other than Union City, such as: Hayward, San Leandro, Newark, Castro Valley and others in east bay area.

Confirm That They Have Plenty Of Experience

Correcting a child's language issues isn't easy. You should try to avoid hiring someone that is fresh out of school. You'll have a lot more like if you hire a pathologist that has a lot of experience. 

In this career field, additional experience means more knowledge. A pathologist that has been working with children for years will have a deeper understanding of what their job requires. They'll be able to do more for the kids that they work with. 

The best therapist will be able to identify what your child needs immediately. With the right pathologist, your child will be able to start making progress right away. 

At Ascend we know that no-one knows your child better than you, so we do our best to respect your understandings of your child as well as work with you to find the best solutions and suggest some that may not have been considered elsewhere that have been proven to deliver some amazing results.

Find A Speech Therapist in the Bay Area That Will Treat You As A Partner

You spend more time around your child than anyone else. If you want your child's language skills to improve, you can't rely on their sessions with the speech pathologist alone. You need to find someone that will give you techniques and strategies that you can use with your child, even while at home.

While a speech therapist may only be able to spend a limited amount of time with your child, if the pathologist works with you, you'll be able to implement their advice when you are interacting with your child away from the center. Just as we do at Ascend, we believe it's important to find a speech therapist that respects you and includes you in all of their sessions.

If you keep all of these things in mind, you'll be able to find someone that will give your child the help that they need.  When selecting the right speech pathologist or speech therapist it's important to know that above all else, working together will make things better for everyone. At least, that's what we find here at Ascend and it's just one of the things that sets us apart.


Top Signs for Early Autism - Special Needs Services Provided throughout the Bay Area


Top Signs for Early Autism - Special Needs Services Provided throughout the Bay Area

Top Signs for Early Autism Detection

Autism is not an easy diagnosis for any parent to receive and neither is it a simple diagnosis to make. It presents on a spectrum meaning that Autism signs and symptoms may differ greatly from one individual to another. There is no specific test or evaluation that can accurately diagnose the condition.

Parents that do have concerns can however look for the following early signs of autism that are more or less common across the spectrum:

1. Regression

The earliest Autism signs normally appear in babies between the ages of 12 and 18 months. Development up until the age of 2 years may appear normal and then begins to taper off or even regress. A toddler may seem to lose some developmental milestones especially related to their ability to track movement visually and respond to stimulation with a smile or a laugh. Regression is the most common early sign of autism however it is important to note that this could point to a range of other conditions or developmental problems.

2. Physical Signs

Babies normally begin to walk around 1 year of age. A toddler that walks on their toes or fails to walk by the age of two years old may be showing signs of autism. A toddler who walked and then regressed to crawling or stopped walking altogether may also be showing signs. 

A toddler that does not point or gesture at objects or show an interest in objects or the world around them by the age of two years may also be experiencing developmental problems. A child may also lose some of their early speech development and begin to babble rather than form proper words.

3. Social And Emotional Development

These parameters may be a little more difficult to define but in general,early emotional and social signs of autism may include:

- A baby or toddler that does not smile.
- Does not make an attempt to give or receive affection like hugs and kisses. At a later developmental stage, a child may even withdraw from or reject any physical affection.
- Will not make eye contact.
- Does not attempt to imitate or copy facial expressions.
- Does not express empathy when others are hurt.

Although these are only some of the most basic and early signs of autism and it is essential to receive a professional medical diagnosis. Early detection is preferable so that alternative learning and other therapies can be recommended.

Ascend Rehab Provides Services to Children with Autism throughout the Bay Area

Through our unique service offerings at Ascend Rehab Services, we're able to work with your child on an individual level but also in group setting for other types of social and sensory development purposes. Located in the heart of Union City, we also recently opened our "Little Miracles" pre-school program for children with special needs to have the opportunity to play and be around others in a comfortable setting supervised by our trained therapists on staff.

Feel free and give us a call (510) 441-8240 or come on for a visit!